Long Island Tech Consulting services help your business:

A network expansion should be properly planned to not only address current needs, but to allow for future growth.  Is the latest and greatest technology right for you?  Or is there a solution that is more cost-effective yet flexible enough to be upgraded later when your business actually needs it? Long Island Tech can answer all these questions as we assist you in growing and developing your systems. 

As Certified Partners of many quality vendors, such as Microsoft and Dell, Long Island Tech can handle all your technology and software purchases and offer highly competitive pricing, fast delivery, and the highest level of support.

When it's time to implement your custom network expansion plan, Long Island Tech is there.  From scheduling downtime, preparing your users, to performing critical backups, Long Island Tech has the experience in performing major network expansions and upgrades to ensure a smooth transition. 

Your computer network is a significant investment in your business.  Outsource your IT Management to Long Island Tech to manage and maintain your investment. Whether you have 2 users or 100, by outsourcing all your IT needs to Long Island Tech, it's like having your very own Network Administrator at a fraction of the cost it would be to hire such an experienced professional.      

Long Island Tech Consultation Services include:

  • making recommendations to ensure that your technology is running at peak efficiency
  • designing, implementing, and enforcing network security policies
  • recommending, designing and implementing backup strategies
  • drafting and preparing disaster recovery solutions 
  • designing and implementing Internet and Email usage policies
  • evaluating and assessing for HIPAA compliance

Long Island Tech IT Consulting services cover a broad range of technical needs that every business will encounter at some point.  Let our expertise guide you through everything from your first computer purchase and installation to the growth and expansion of your computer network.