Network Health Monitoring

Maintaining a healthy computer network is essential to preventing catastrophic technology failures that lead to disaster scenarios with long periods of downtime for your business.   

With 24/7 network monitoring, Long Island Tech Managed IT Service Plans put a team in place to monitor your network.  We identify issues before they become problems and take proactive steps to address them.   We will know there is a problem before you do.


Health monitoring includes all of the following and more:

  • Monitoring your network for speed, performance and errors
  • Monitoring PCs and systems for viruses and connectivity issues
  • Monitoring your wireless networks for accessibility 
  • Monitoring your servers for security, uptime, performance and health


With network health monitoring, you will receive notifications when a server is down or if there is a network hardware failure.  Our Network Operations Center (NOC) will address issues such as load balancing and connectivity, and can even provide reports on performance and usage.